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Spare Gems


Spare gems come free with ALL our bling browbands guarenteed (please note they do not come with our swaroski, rivolli/Austrian crystal browbands) they come taped to our business card in a little plastic pouch. We send spare gems as we are aware that after a while gems will fall out, or if your horse rubs their head on you or on something they might loosen and fall out. So by sending you some spare gems you are able to replace missing ones and keep your browband looking in top form!

If you lose or run out of spare gems/specific gems, you can contact us and we can send you more payment will be required for the stones and postage. (THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO ON SALE/CLEARANCE PRODUCTS)



Please read our Terms of Sale tab and our Returns Policy before purchasing. The policy has been created in order to protect you and us.


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